B. heracleifolia in flower

B. olbia

B. scutifolia.  Bountifully blooming Begonia scutifolia
brings burgundy dappled brightness to cloud dimmed winter days.

U578 in flower

B. concolvulacea busily blooming.  B. concolvulacea is B. glabra's big sister. Both appreciate space to spread, following their own convoluted paths. At the top, center right, of the photo, attached, B. callosa is visible.

Begonia rex Putzeys leaf touched by end of day sun.   In a very rex-full clam shell terrarium, I decided to sacrifice a leaf to make room for a flower stalk needing room to grow. Remorse struck when I got a good look at the sacrificed leaf for the first time. So taken with the leaf's beauty, I felt like a butcher. I suppose this is my confession.
It my hope that both the leaf and the seeds to come will make more B. rex for many others to enjoy and share.

B. glandulosa in flower

B. foliosa in flower

Today I found snail snacked B. plebeja (pluh-bay-ha) flowering with fullness after a rare, recent, rain.

Garden overview, August, 2015


I hope that my photo reflects a fraction of the fanciful beauty I found in B. formosana's first female flower